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Are you ready to wrap your fingers in beauty?

Just a little insight to how this all began:

As 2 full-time workers in the health industry we are always flat out with life (as you can imagine, especially during this pandemic). However, due to these harsh lockdowns in Melbourne we both had a little more time for self-care. We all know self-care is not a luxury, it is a necessity. But hey, who finds time to go to a nail salon? We personally don’t. So we thought why not introduce you to these awesome nail wraps.

Visiting a nail salon takes too much time and even when you get the best results you’re sacrificing the health of your nails. Those pretty nails are just not the same.

OJE Australia was created for those who value time and healthy nails. This is why 2 soul sisters Frida and Hils are on the mission to revolutionise the nail industry with OJE Nail Wraps.

OJE Nails Wraps are easy to apply, cruelty free nail wraps that your nails will fall in love with. The various designs keep your fingers beautiful, inside and out.

You deserve to wrap your fingers in beauty.

- Much love

Frida & Hils xx